Monday, December 28, 2009

I am alive !

I am aliveeeee...I can Breathe in ! Breathe out!!! Though I am in bed for long now ! long that I lost the number of days that had passed ! but EL7amduellah "thank god " ..I am still alive.
sucha strange way to start with , but this is how I do feel now ! I am alive !
it 's been so long again , so damn repeated I know , but again and again I need to get back here, to write and blog back again.
Don't worry, I am okay..I am not doing much recently ,not even much of work.
I spend so many hours doing nothing , not even doing a proper reading ! not even a tiny thing I can recall now and say hmm I did blah blah...nothing

lost so many days and hours on Facebook doing nothing , stayin home and also doing nothing.
I lost the urge to blog even. I had so much running on my life recently which drove me there .where I am now.

But as the year is passing by , and HOPE is still in the air, and the need for change , and the 2010 inspiration comes in brains..I got the spirit back ( I just hope I can reserve it)..
and I am starting with blogging again..that bloggin has always been my relief and my outlet.

I am letting 2009 go in peace , with all the hurt , love,actions and hopes it had..and welcoming 2010 with hope , new born ,and love
I am distracted, I am confused abit , but I am just excited that I am backk really ! ooh, I needed that you know..
much of writings to come..stay tuned
happy new year all..and start writing down your wishes for the new yr and your achievements along the passed year..and let go of the tears and hate.

to be continued..


marooned84 said...

Welcome back :)

Americanising Desi said...

hey honey!
been ages like really!

i m glad you came with a bang when so much is lifeless and still happening that way!

have a great 2010 and i wish you hope luck and prosperity on and on :)

Brownie said...

عودا حميدا
:) It is a nice start to start the new year, welcome back, u have been missed