Friday, June 26, 2009


For those who really got worried about me, For those who asked about me..for those who cared on checking on my blog though they knew there was nothing new then ! For those who tried to be there..

For those who been wonderin why I did disappear !
to my surprise, me , myself dont really know !

I am still holding my fears , sadness , doubts , anger , aches , pain and other thoughts deep down.
I prefered to keep them there ! as long as there is no real use of gettin 'em out !

I tried the other approach ! i hv been talkin about myself for long ! and I was really goin nowhere ! in vain !
SO I chose t suppress them...and pretend that they were never there.

I am not back ! I thought I was by time of my last post..but I wasn't !
I couldnot honestly...
I kept myself busy with work ..and it didn't work .
I tried seein more friends..and nothing helps .
I am not in love with the one I am ...
I am losing track and I can't even complain.
anyways, that was a short note , owed to those who kept on msging me though.Thank you all.
Take care.


Preeti said...

I have been through these phases myself , and even when I was busy doing nothing , I could not bring myself to write / read and infact do nothing meaningful... there have been months of subtle restlessness when I have just tried to keep myself busy somehow glad its over for me ..and hope that you are also out of the phase ..take care

batates_777 said...

yaa Preeti, you exactly know how it is ! though there could always be different reasons to bring you there , however same result by the end, same where..I am glad it is over yourside , and I hope so myside as well..Ijust hope 2010 will be better and gives us happiness and Peace. I hope.