Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am Back !

I thought of de-activating my page !
I thought of deleting it !
I thought of closing it down !
I thought of gettin rid of it !

I had so many negative thoughts and feelings , I still hold some !

I thought I can let my anger out !
I thought I can cry out loud !
I thought I buried it in !
I thought I am dealin with it !

I thought ! I tried !
I failed...
So,here I am .

Nothing got any better !
Am stuck ...
and can't really go anywhere !

I am back and not really back..
I still hold the anger ! I still hold the gun !
I just wish if I just can...



Brownie said...

oh i was wondering what happened =( , i shared this feeling but not for my blog, the anger will fade away and u ll be back to normal soon inshaallah, Glad that u come back and hope u ll get well very soon

batates_777 said...

Heyyy:))...I am sorry you had same feeling too !! I will be checkin out your blog soon , as I hvnt been doin any bloggin recently..hope you feel better now..and I may pass your wishes to you in return :))
thank you for being there and commenting and hope all gets well soon insha2allah :)

americanising desi said...

i hope you are feeling bette now!

americanising desi said...

where art thou?

batates_777 said...

:) in the middle of nowhere actually :S
thank you for asking girl :) hope all is well yourside :XX

AD said...

still missing you!

batates_777 said...

So do I !
Big time....

Brownie said...

hello there where r u? i thought u came back...come on...let hear from u