Monday, March 2, 2009

What if game ?

What if you give someone *close a present " cadeau" , for some special occasion or whatsoever really..and you get an answer like :

1- Aw ! what's that ?
2- Couldn't you just manage to get me something better ?!
3- I am sorry I don't like !
4- ............."feel free to fill it out with what most could annoy you"

What if your present was something to wear ....and the answer was:

-Sorry , it doesn't fit me!

Too many situations and scenarios I can think of ! and the wrong answers can't stop hitting me !

Is it okay to really say it out ? a wrong answer ? maybe in the clothes scenario,as what's the use of it afterall if it doesn't fit ? although I still think I can fake it, if it is only a matter of color or a trend I don't like!

and I really think giving something to wear as a present is a heavy choice !! risky ! and you can never tell what you will get as a response ! however, life doesn't give us much of choices here, and we sometimes go for it...and in so manytimes we choose to though !

SO, what if I get the wrong answer as a reply ! How should I act then ?..shall I take my present back?!..and deal as if I never knew that person ? shall I punish him/her for saying his /her opinion out ? shall I offer them to change it ?? Shall I ...... ??

What if it's me ,saying a wrong answer ! what I am expecting then ? really ?? a Hug back !

Other than the wear thing , what is the Ideal answer you are most likely waiting for ?
1- Oh! amazing ! ..I love you!
2- wow ! you read my mind ! That what I was planning to buy a week ago !
3- Perfect choice ! I really love it, Thank you.
4- just a Thank you.
5-just a smile .
6- Non stop Compliments
7-.....Feel free to fill it out too with most thing you would like to hear then....

I know a couple of people who really can't fake it ! and they let it out ! whatever really !
I think it is rude ! I do ! Though me, myself find it hard to fake those feelings ! yet I think of being polite and doing the least thing in return with smiling and saying Thank you!

And afterall ,You Can't wait till you get a gift back from that same person you just did to, and it is either a "revenge time " or a rewarding one :)
* P.S : Close here ,close friend, was chosen on purpose, to make it harder on you ! as it isn't easy to lose a close friend if he just says a wrong answer! though a wrong one still aches !specially when it comes from a close one !!
meanwhile he/she supposedly should not lie about it and say it !! coz between really close ones , you can say everything STILL it hurts if you get a wrong answer ! so what if ?
yet,I would like to map it on non-close ones too ! will it make it any easier then ??


Brownie said...

i always when i buy clothes or accessories as a gift, they should for people i really know their taste, and i always tell them that if they don't like it, we can return it back.

and if i recieve a gift and i did not really like, i ll pretend that i love it, it is enough that they think about getting me something

batates_777 said...

yes...i do the same really ! , but what if you receive a wrong answer one of those could really "piss you off" ? how will you act then ?? coz a wrong answer still aches :(

Brownie said...

honstely if i got one of those answers, i ll tell them to thank Allah that i get them anything =)

batates_777 said...

hehe, ye7medo rabena inny 3abrtohom aslan :))

Onthewingsofadream said...

one of my friend visited me along with her mom soon after I returned from my UK trip.

she gave me a blacka and white suposed to be strechable for 1 size bigger mid length top because somone gifted it to her and it is 2 sizes big to her . I didnot like the top a bit , but they insisted and I wore it that evening when we went out shopping ..they complimented couple of times ( i was getting irritated), just that I was meeting aunty for the first time I was polite ..

same day I gave this girl a set of panty hose that you find hard to get in Bangalore ( I ussed to I know where to get them)...and she gave me that blank look.

some people I swear ..since then I have stopped giving her things , next time I visited Uk ,I go her lip gloss, she hasnt used till date ...and instead uses her 100 rs wala local lipstick moral of the story ...dnt waste money /time and effort on people who have no taste and dnt appreciate nice gift ..I wud rather give her a safe kurti next time

batates_777 said...

Girl,You got it !!! yes!! thats whaT I really meant !!
You got my whole point then..and that part you mentioned of how they convince you on wearing it and give you fake compliments on it ! and when you give them smth good in return they just say nothing !!
and wasting time and money on people who doesnt deserve it,is really pain..and when you do on ppl who deserve it " and supposedly" close to give you same way painful too !!

I donno if I will stop it then , giving presents..or just let it go