Monday, March 16, 2009

Shopaholic me !

I am a shopaholic Freak! I have to admit it.

I once wrote about the chocoholic me , and now it's time to reveal the shopaholic in me!

I know ,I can live with it ,but I just need a sponsor :D ! to pay my debts and take care of the bills!

I love it when I go shopping , I feel good about myself, I feel Happy, I forget about my troubles, my pain,my sorrow..I just let go for everything annoying including money ;) and welcome a plenty of bags in hands :)
you know about that saying, when you feel down, go for shoe-shopping, coz definitely you will find there somthing fit you and you will feel happy about it..I do so !

The shopping mall now is one of my favorite places , if I have nothing to do I go to the mall ! if I am blue I go to the mall ! if I have money I sure head to the mall..

and even when I don't I just hit the road ! I can spend there a whole day ! I mean it, goes up to 13 hrs and more..I can go on a daily basis.I love malls,I love shopping!

It feels bad to go shopping without a real budget for that..coz I always find stuff I like and I would regret not buying them if I don't ! .... the image of it doesn't really leave me, that I have dreams of it :night and day ones :) "

I always feel sorry if I don't buy what I like at once " I ever felt sorry for stuff I hesitated to buy , and took my whirl to find out it's already sold out".hence, I always buy what I spot my eye on and feel like...I don't think twice , I just offer my credit card and have the bag in my hand !

"I too sometimes feel bad about that ,coz a shop two steps ahead could be holding something better waiting for me there of same category I was shopping with sometimes better price! ,hence I regret buying stuff at first sight"..I can never tell which is better, to have a look over all shops(which is hectic enough,giving the chance that you might find your thing sold out by end of your tour), or just shop at once! at first sight !

I too sometimes feel sorry for stuff I buy and never use" long list here "..or stuff I buy and find out they don't really suit or fit !.(yes,I buy stuff up to 2 sizes larger or smaller sometimes! coz I liked the model and didn't find my size..I buy the avialable,persuading myself that I will fix it...if it is in smaller size, I will lose weight for that, for the opposite,I will fix it someway!.insane! I know!

There is stuff I just exclude from my closet coz I have seen the local copy-cat form ! (which I hate..dislike...) with low material and cheap prices !

I can't love mine then"the trendy brand with high price" , though I know I spent a great deal on that ! yet I just cut it out!

I think I hold "302det el khawaga "...that I feel good when I am wearing in brands, although , I have lots of stuff in local ! and I do wear them ! and don't deny the fact they are local ! I donno!but I just love brands!

I go for shopping everyonce in a while , I lose all my savings" if I ever do " on that,

my shopping mainly goes for clothes,bags,shoes,accessories,lingerie...etc
But when it comes to Bags and shoes "inc. flipflops" I am a maniac !

I live with my parents, hence, I don't really need to buy stuff for the house, yet when I go to carrefour,or any hyper market, I too can't resist buying stuff for home !..I get shocked by end of da shopping day for stuff I had to pay for and not really gonna use " non clothes".and even mom complains about that too ! coz I bring over stuff she really doesn't need ! I donno ! But I like getting stuff for home too...I love doing the grocery shopping, buying all those kinds of cheese! yummii..I love cheeese..bread,croissants addition to fresh feels good buying those too!

I buy whatever! whether I am gonna use it or not , whether I really need it or not ! I just do ! coz I like to!

I sometimes go for jeans shopping , and I am determined that I will not buy anything but jeans! and I return home with many bags with NO jeans ! coz I simply couldnot find the jeans I am looking for and couldn't resist something I liked at some shop! or I just lost track and didn't look for the jeans in my shopping!

I am not always okay with it ! to be honest ! I sometimes feel bad of the attitude :( !
yea I do, even when I just had a great shopping, yet the feeling of buying stuff just to please yourself not that you really wanted them while there are others "on your town, your country..other place in bad need for food,etc.."makes me feel sad.and the sense of guilt then kills me.. I can give myself hardtime on that, and I feel sad for over spending money and sometimes exceeding the budget by far just for the sake of shopping !

I wokred on that , I really tried to..I stop myself from going to malls,or I go and dont really wander the place and check out all shops that i like ! or I pre-agree with myself that I will be only spending X , and by no means I shall exceed that amount X.."I always fail in that"

or I just leave my credit card at home ,and I don't go with cash ( but even with that,i could get away with it.. I asked the girl at the shop to reserve it for me till I get home and bring the money back...loser me)

I know I may sound helpless, a loser or even a real shopaholic!

I tried, I am tryin ,will still work on it.

I admit it , I know I have a problem, and I really dont wanna live with it!

Coz not only I don't like it, I like it as I starrted my talk with ! , but to a certain limit..

being moderate is a cause
a shopaholic is NOT what I really want to !


americanising desi said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh i love posts like these ;)

batates_777 said...

hehe:) and I love you girl :)
I am glad that you liked it...though i know the reason why, you too a shopaholic,ha ;)
any cure ?

Brownie said...

i love shopping too but not to that extent, i have that business mind, buying only what i need and be aware of the cost.
u have to watch Oprah show

batates_777 said...

good for you girl..i lack that sense really.
been some time since i watched Oprah..but generally i like her show...any interesting tip here could be of use ?:)

P.S: I think Oprah herself is a shopaholic too ! can tell of the stuff she has and wears :)

Onthewingsofadream said...

me too a shopaholic ...been trying to resist the temtations ..but still as i say even in recession , couple of shoes , couple of skirts and few tops/ shirts is not too much ..right :-)
i avoid going to malls ....i still miss that M and S dress that my frend never let me buy (it was priced at 7k ) and i am atleast 4 kg overweight for that yummy dress ...

ah ! i miss it neverthless ...

I spend by my devit card nowdays coz i had to take personal loans twice to pay my credit card bills ...and now after 5 years of job I have zero savings and cloths that can last for 4 years :-)

batates_777 said... too (and now after 5 years of job I have zero savings ) Oh god !! we gotta do smth about it ! and avoid the couple of shoes/shirts/skirts are not too much attitude! I too do so )
we gotta be strict about it, I feel sorry that I have no savings and afterall as you mentioned clothes dont really last for long !! we need to really pause twice and think before we go ahead and BUY it !

americanising desi said...

i went shoppin again for the cure ;)
miss you!
where u been?

muthu said...

nice post.... try my post on shopping with my mon

and hey also read and comment on my newly written short stories......

thank you

batates_777 said...

Seher...sorrry for teh delay Hun , i been around,not doin much of blogging..out of order somehow ! i dont really know !
hope all is well yourside:)
i miss you and miss your blog too in my daily life..need to get back :)

batates_777 said...

Muthu..thank you for passing by and commenting :)
I will make sure to check out that one :)
Be good:)