Friday, March 13, 2009

I still miss you Mom

I still miss you ,
I even miss you more..
I wish you were here now ,,
I feel lonely,,so lonely,,
no one is here,
no one is listening , nor is reading !
I need you now.
Please come back soon...Please.
I love you ,, I do feel the word whenever you are not around me ! I always love you , but in a time like this..when there is nobody but you to listen to me , and pamper me..I know then that I miss you loads and love you more.
Hope all is well where you are, and that you get back home soon..
sooner please.
love you ma
sealed with a tear


Brownie said...

inshaallah she arrives be el slama, cheer up inshaallah she will get home soon.
kaman i read for u, hope that help u =)

batates_777 said...

:) thank you Brownie..that was really sweet of you..
it always feels good seeing you here:)
Thank you again.

americanising desi said...

she 'll be home :)
they say when you wish for something so bad, the whole universe works towatds helpin you meet your desire :)

batates_777 said...

thank you sweetie :)))) she's finally home...just few minutes back!..really happy that she is :))..seems that The Secret works then ;)
Mom is homeeeee....:)))
be good hun,
hugsss back