Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am turning 33 !! an annann aaaaaaaaaaah! I never pictured myself writing this! not that I get that far in thirties but feel that bad about thirties!:( oh yea, that is the truth dear! can't deny it ! I know I used to say it's only a matter of numbers,doesn't indicate anything ! it doesn't still ! I even get mixed up with numbers! which is True I don't fake it ! whenever I am asked about my age! I hesitate for  a sec or two,not about revealing the number but making sure what was it ! i feel like it's 30 or 31 at most ! don't see myself there by anymeans ! I once wrote about growing up! earlier in my page and I recall I was back then wondering why ppl would hide their age or just pretend younger , and now for instance I think I get what it was about !!
I don't hate thirties, I just feel there are alot I wanted to accomplish before getting this number, I also have countless blessings I know, which I am thankful for, and couldn't utter anyword but ElhamdulEllah,yet I wanted some stuff, just feel it would only feel good,being at age with my bucket list :)
for instance, having 3 kids :) yea, I wish I have 3 , I wish, and would have loved to have more btw , but I would be realistic and ask for 3 :)
and I would love to love and be loved back,always and for ever and for lifetime wish , that never ages or grow old,and I would ask for it anywhere ,anytime..luv luv luvvv.
I would have wished to have my own business too! yea, isn't it time for !! I need it badly , one of my real dreams ! that I don't wake up that early to go to someone's place ,who gives me  alook ! no! and leave by their timings even if there is nothing I am really doin ! and get paid upon their revenues!
I need to have my own thing! passion in doing it! wake up smiling that I am going to work,me,myself and I ,the mything really !! not hired at any ! wish if I can manage that someday that it can come true !
I wished by age of 33, that I would have traveled around Europe,wish to go to Paris and Italy..wish if I can make a long tour though, wish if I am free willy that I can do whatever and Wherever.
Travelling is always among the biggest wishes I usually have,and even if I can't do it abroad,I would still aim to do it internally,A lot to be seen and visited among here..I wish .
Friends,big and always been an issue, I would have had that big group,that we go out a lot and do alot of activities together.
I wish I stay in shape. I work Hard on it ! it feels good that when you meet ppl and they still see you the same! it even feels good having proposals still :)oh yeah:)
I wish I would do whatever I like Wherever and is the limit.
wana go camping , safari , I wouldn't mind going to Kinea khalesss ..
33 be nice to me, previous ones were pretty harsh dear , ever since I reached out 30 and I am suffering !! I am not enjoying it by any means ! so I BEG you PLEASE,be safe and calm.and bring me love ,joy and Happiness.
Dear 32, Glad that you're finally leaving, I am sorry I never liked you ,neither did you ! so it's time to say Goodbye dear,and bring me a better one this year.I am waiting huh :)
Love me 33 embrace those 33 get me all the love in the 33 and flush away all the tears 33 and send me to Heavens at 33
till then..see you 33 and farewell 32


Brownie said...

HaPpY BirThDaY to You...HaPpY BirThDaY ya Batates...HaPpY BirThDaY to you..May 33 bring you the best for years to come inshaallah =)

P.S I wanna travel to different country each year, you are most welcome to join ;)

batates_777 said...

yalla binaaa:)
thank you deaaar :)