Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Ring

This is not about the movie The Ring  it is about a more complicated thing TheRing that people wear when they get committed ,engaged or married . Yeah , that ring.

I didn't know it is that important to people nor did I know it is of any importance to anyone but the ones in the relationship ! but I was wrong!
The Ring turned out to be a marital state declation ! People check on your hands , check them out to make sure you are single or not! And if there is a ring in which hand it is ! To know whether it is enagement or marriage! But till this point that whole thing was okay with me,although I have always thought of those Cinderella thoughts of having my beloved name on my ring , wearing it ever after ,and so on. Till you face reality and you are not that loyal to your ring!
You leave it on you watertub, on your desk, on your dresser ,wherever you might do and gradually you stop wearing it! Or maybe you decide you dont want to wear it! And maybe you're done with this relation so you stop wearing it even if you're involved in it from head to toe! Anyways, you show up with no Ring.
I figured out that people question why ! I find it nosey and cheesy ! But fact is they do! Where is your ring ? Why dont you wear your ring ? And most common are you still together?
Thought it will be once , twice oh a lot more but it turned out to be so damn annoying so many lots of times! And I dont have to explain myself to you why I am not wearing my ring! Till something  interesting happened! A couple of things in fact , one is , I received a decent proposal ! Oh yeah! From someone Who checked on my ring and didn't see it there for some time so he thought I am free to propose!that was quite interesting for me that men do check on the ring too! I have always thought it is not of any importance to them! But with that proposal I knew it is ! Coz he knows am married and I do have a kid but as long as there is no ring then it means I am free!
I been through a similar thing before !but that time I was wearing that kind of ring which is not a traditional ring, which made the propsed guy think I am not wearing a ring , meaning I just wear a normal ring , and he asked a friend of mine about me and if it is okay to propose!that was kind of strange to me coz he didnt recognize that the ring I am wearing is in fact THE RING !
Time passed by, and seems the ring remains the ring ! Coz again someone approached while being in a public place thinking it would be okay to start a conevrsation with ! I only thought oh me stupid! Coz I am not wearing my ring !
The ring doesnt prevent you such situations coz in fact I been thru some while I was having my ring on and my baby on his stroller ! But the idea of the ring remains as a key or indicator of shall I approach or not! Shall I say it out ! Shall I propose!
I had to wear it on just to prove to those stalkers that I am not interested Thank YOu. Yet I wouldn't have known how important to them it is until I have been through it.

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