Thursday, March 14, 2013


We always complain and talk about problems and we barely talk about our blessings!goes perfectly well when a single woman says it out loudly that married or committed always complain or talk when they have complaints but they never open their mouths if they are okay or maybe Happy !
Why is that ! I find it curious to know ! Why we only talk if we have complaints ! Is it about envy eye ! That we are always afraid of ! Is it our nature that we only wAnt to show the sad face and we are scared to death to show the good one! We genuinely say coz there is no good face! But in fact there is !there are too many good faces indeed! God loves us!I always look to my kid and imagine how much I love him and think how then God loves us who created us from nothing! If this is my l ove to my kid definitely with no comparison god loves us more and in his way!which is shown all the way all the time but we just sometimes fail to comprehend! Although it is crystal clear!

I am kind of biased by life of pi ,which I have seen it today and as usual good movies leave the impression on me! I leave the movie theatre with the movie in and all about me!and that one is brilliant! So as Pi mentioned God is always there watching you , protecting you in his way ,even if u sometimes fail to see him , it is your fault !

I am blessed elhamduellah ! I am with too many blessings to count !
You know I am having my coffee now which is good and always feels blessed to have a good coffee:)
We need to feel it ! In side out ! You are blessed!
و ان تعدوا نعم الله لا تحصوها " صدق الله العظيم

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