Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flirting in public

How confusing was always that to me ! Between how good it must feels! And how close it makes look like ! And how bad in others standards! If not rejected! Not to mention 7aram!
But what if it is between married couples! Would it have been alright then ? Dont think ! It would have still remain rejected!
What if it feels good being wanted and said out loud in public ! With nothing that would يخدش الحياء العام " ya3ny whats wrong with a quick kiss on a cheak or even holding hands ! Or being circled with love birds ! Though we always mock lovebirders! Guess it is 3eryan elteet ,sorry,but I am sure that any who would have a chance to be loved in public with those love looks and holding hands!will never reject sucha call!who does idiot! But we only good at laughing at those who seem in love coz apparently we are unable to give love like them!

Now ,two foreigners were sitting next to me,and both were busy with their laptops yet they were holding hands all the time,from time to time look at each in the eye, have some cuddling and smiles that say I love you
I am sorry I noticed that ! But they were too close to be seen and I am sensetive to that so my receptors work highly with max power when it gets close! But I really liked them ,they were so natural not faking anything not even in the looks ! Cntrary to egyptians I am sorry when they make it in public! It is always cheesy and you feel like you want to throw them with closes flipflop لا مواخذه شبشب have no idaea why ! Where the descrimnation came from ! Cant even tell!
But two weeks bacj
K i was sitting in. A aplace where 2 egy adults this time were obviously having a break out for coffee or sometimg as both were dressed in formal attires with even business suitcae,and aft they finished their business ,they then started holding hands and looking at each in the eye ! How awkward it felt for me then ! Coz they seemed old to do so ! But few moments later I was in love with them ! Dont know why ! They did nothing more than the holding han and feeling of love birds but they really looked lovely in those business attires and in love !
Why do we fail to make love the way others do ! Why we hate them at somepoint and love them madly at another!
Why we sometimes accept it from some and sometimes just hate it and hate tehe idea of being loved!
Why we find some cheesy and some classy! Some to be accepted from and others to just blame it along! How double standards work in that perfectly!
If you come to me, i know it would bot comfy having anything antimate in public but holding hands never failed me! I wish i can walk ,work do anything while holding hands ! Really ! And wouldnot mind seeing love gests too in public ! Yes in public,coz if you can do it in public then it says a lot to me .
How aboutyou ? How you see it yourself ?

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