Sunday, March 10, 2013

Young Woman

I have spent most of my life time thinking it is best to be young ,young as in teens and early twinties ! I never thought I would struggle when I reach out my thirties ! I am 33 btw you may have noticed from earlier post,anyways , it never crossed my mind that 30's would be that harsh or tough to me ! Not in numbers nor in spirit ! But definitely in shape and health . I ever thought it is just a number ! Doesn't represent anything but a number !
But when I made it to 30+ I realized I wished I would have remained in 20's for good ! The spirit and everything is amazing and breath taking when it comes to 20's ,while it is devastating and heart breaking when it comes to 30's !that is what they have taught us to ! And made it well and crystal clear , as if they wanted us to give up on life as soon as we get there!
But ,voila,I have grown up to a young woman, I am not struggling anymore, I enjoy this stage and I learned well how to enjoy it well! Even now I am not looking back at 20's as a part of heavens,nope, it is mentioned that women in heavens will be in age of 33,my age NOW!
We waste our lifetime looking for something we don't have! And spend what's left regretting what we should have /not done ! Insane! What we do to ourselves is completely insane!
We need to stop and look at what we have achieved so far and enjoy it ,feel good about it and look forward to something better with ACCeptance! Key word is accept and be grateful and thankful!
Know what,only now I realize how 33 is awesome! Being a Young Woman is awesome! You realize the compliments and approaches people do to approach you ! You realize you not that little kid anymore nor that immature creature ! I am a woman and it is lovely to be so!
Thanks to the int'l women's day :) Thank you every one outhere for making us Women strong!
And as I have started my talking with , and as it once was said" I have grown up to a young woman :)"
Enjoy it you Women outhere :) stay strong

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